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Shades are supplied with all relevant accessories included as selected in the online order form. Should you require additional or alternative accessories, or simply want to test a particular mounting hardware type for your windows, these can be purchased individually here.


Glasleistenwinkel Decomatic (set of 2x left and 2x right clips). For attachment to window frame.

Befestigungswinkel Exklusiv Decomatic (set of 2x left and 2x right clips). For attachment to wall or on vertical (room-facing) side of window. Suited to wooden window frames.

Befestigungswinkel Decomatic (1x). For attachment on window or wall. Suited to wooden window frames. (for stationary fixing of top of blind)

Befestigungswinkel Clip Decomatic

Befestigungsclip Decomatic

Befestigungsclip Plafond Decomatic

Kids care

All corded systems come with the Sensuna Kids Care cord breaker clip, to comply with Australian Child Safety Laws. This clip system avoids danger of strangulation from loose cords without compromising ease of operation or detracting from the blind visually.

A single, short cord for blind operation extends from the underside of the clip. The ends of the cords leading out from the blind itself are simply inserted into the upper side of the clip and fastened by tightening two wingclips. Optically, this results in a smooth, rounded cord stop. However, the wingclips automatically release if an object larger than 6cm diameter is inserted between the blind cords and a downward force exceeding 6kg is applied.

For extra safety, we provide a cleat to be fixed to the wall or window frame near the top of the blind. The cleat must be fixed at a height of 160cm or more from the floor.


Designer handle (transparent). New handle with ergonomic, modern design. Slightly rounded downwards for better grip. Transparency makes it ideal for any colour rail. Handle includes an adapter plate for attachment to rail. (handles are included in blind orders)

Coloured handles. To match rail systems, and for use with operating rod for windows at height.

Foldable handle (1x). Suited to blinds in conservatory windows or specially mounted. Very flexible, as the handle can be adjusted in steps, from horizontal to vertical position.

Extender rod (1x). To operate handles in hard-to-reach positions. Only suited for use with standard coloured handles (not with designer handle)