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Installation guides

Rectangular window

Blind layout P1600

(Cordless, laterally braced blind with fixed upper rail and adjustable lower rail)

Blind layout P1615

(Cordless, laterally braced blind with adjustable upper and lower rails, top-down/bottom-up style)

Blind layout P1620

(Cordless, laterally braced Duo blind with two fabrics, fixed upper rail and adjustable middle and lower rails)

Blind layout P1700 - P1725

(all cord-operated blinds, including free-hanging and laterally braced layouts)

Oddly shaped windows

All cordless laterally braced, and fixed, blind layouts

(P1634, P1635, P1636, P1637, P1650, P1662, P1663, P1043, P1082, P1086)

All cord-operated blind layouts

(P1740, P1741, P1751, P1753)

Ceiling and sunroom windows

All cordless, wire-braced blind layouts for ceiling and sunroom windows

(P3600, P3634, P3635, P3636, P3637, P3650, P3662, P3663)