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Duo Day and night blinds

Duo blinds incorporate two different fabrics in one blind. Each of the two fabrics can be independently adjusted, with the sections linked by a middle rail. One fabric can be completely hidden so that the window area is covered by the other fabric only, both fabrics can be hidden away, or a combination of both fabrics can be visible.

A combination of one transparent/translucent and one dim-out/black-out fabric allows for optimal variability of use, with control over light ingress, heat transfer and privacy. Duo blinds are perfect for bedrooms, offices and living areas.

Tips for selecting fabrics for duo blinds:

  • Two fabrics with differing translucency options will double the functionality of the blind.
  • If combining a translucent fabric with a darkening fabric, select the translucent fabric for the upper section and the darkening fabric for the lower section.
  • Two honeycomb fabrics can be chosen for the duo blind configuration for heightened insulation properties.
  • A combination of a plain and a patterned fabric can achieve a decorative look.

Duo blinds are suited to rectangular windows (models P1620, P1720 and P1725) and slanted roof windows (models P2620 and P2621).

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