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How to measure

The measurements required for your pleated blinds depend on which mounting option you have selected: face mount, recess mount or window mount.

Pleated Blinds - Measurement Guides

For detailed window measuring instructions, please select the shape of your window from the tab below, then select your preferred mount option.


Ventilation and protection against heat accumulation

To avoid window glass and fabric damage, sufficient ventilation space must be retained between the pleated blind and the glass surface of the window. This is especially important for installation within the glazing bead. Insufficient ventilation can lead to the accumulation of condensed water, which in turn may stain the fabric or cause mould. There is no warranty on damages to the fabric caused by condensation, detergents or insect soiling.

Depth allowances for mounting blinds in the window recess or in the window glazing bead:

Our blinds profiles are very slim with a rail depth of less than 25 mm, which means they can be installed even where space is tight. General minimum depths are as follows:

  • Blind layout P1615 (cordless top-down/bottom-up style) requires a minimum 15 mm depth in the window recess or glazing bead. Additional depth is required for heavier fabrics to ensure a suitable air gap.
  • All other blind layouts have one or more stationary rails and require a window recess or glazing bead depth of at least 25 – 30 mm so that the Fixing Clips can be installed correctly. Additional depth is required for heavier fabrics to ensure a suitable air gap.
  • For ceiling and sunroom windows, we recommend a minimum window recess or glazing bead depth of 30 mm and an air gap of at least 100 mm between the blind and the window glass to ensure adequate ventilation.

For all measurements, it is best to measure in two to three places for both the width and the height, and use the smallest measurements of each. Use a metal tape measure and ensure it is not bent or twisted.